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Do you pick up customers from BWI Airport?

Maryland regulations do not allow us to provide courtesy transportation to and from BWI Airport. However, we will gladly pick you up from a nearby hotel.

What is the amount of your security deposit?

On pickup, in addition to the estimated rental charges, we will put a hold on your credit card in the amount of $150.00 which is often being referred to as a security deposit. The security deposit may be used to cover any additional charges you may incur or any amounts due to us under the rental contract. The entire or the remaining amount of the security deposit will be released to you within 48 hours after the return of the rental vehicle. Being subject to the terms and conditions of your card issuing institution funds may not be immediately available to you.

Can I use debit card or cash?

All local renters and additional drivers are required to use a major credit card to secure their rental contracts.

Bank issued debit cards (Bank Of America, PNC, Chase, M&T, BB&T, etc) are accepted if accompanied with flight itinerary coinciding with the rental dates.

NOT ACCEPTED: Cash, secured credit cards (Chime, Self, etc), prepaid cards, online bank cards (such as Cash App, Chime, Green Dot, Netspend, etc) payroll cards, gift cards. Email or call us if you have any questions.

Can someone else pay for my rental?

At the beginning of the rental, you will be required to use your personal credit card. Name on a credit card has to match the one on a driver’s license. Please ensure the availability of funds or credit limit sufficient to cover all estimated charges and security deposit. You can let someone help you cover any amounts due to us at the end of the rental if there’s any (rental charges, traffic citations, vehicle damage, etc). However, the cardholder has to be present.

How do I change or cancel my reservation?

You can change your reservation details by clicking on the “Change reservation” tab of the main menu. Enter the reservation number that was provided to you in your original booking confirmation email. You can select different pickup or return dates, pick a different type of vehicle or add optional equipment. However, any changes will be subject to vehicle availability. You can also cancel your reservation by simply clicking the “Cancel” button on the bottom of the “Change reservation” screen. If you can’t find your reservation number you can contact an administrator for help.

Can I return the vehicle after business hours?

Yes. You can park the vehicle in front of our office and leave the key in the drop box. The drop box is located on the brick post to the left from our office door. However, all rental charges and fees will continue to accrue until our next opening for business.

What should I do if the car breaks down?

If you have any issues with the vehicle or optional equipment, please call us immediately at 410.412.2911. If it’s an emergency please call 911.

Can I request a particular make and model or color of the vehicle?

Not in advance. When you make a reservation you reserve a vehicle of a certain class or category. However, at the beginning of the rental, you will be able to choose your vehicle out of available ones.

Who is responsible for tolls and tickets?

The customer is responsible for paying directly to the appropriate third party for all parking and traffic citations as well as toll charges. Optionally, we offer EZ-Pass toll transponders for a daily fee of $2.99 or $20.00 per rental whichever is lesser. With your rental of EZ-Pass transponder we will prepay all your toll charges in States of Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, and West Virginia at rates published at toll collection facilities or discounted rates where available. You agree to reimburse us for all toll charges prepaid by us on your behalf during your rental at the conclusion of the rental. However, you are responsible for paying all toll charges at toll collection facilities in all States not participating in the EZ-Pass toll collection program.

Will I be charged for an extra day if I return the vehicle late?

Yes.  Timing is crucial. The vehicle has to be inspected and cleaned in a timely fashion for the next renter. And if it’s not on our lot we might have to make some other arrangements. You will have a grace period of 59 minutes past the contracted time. Regular daily rate will apply if the vehicle is more than 59 minutes past due.

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