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Rental policies

Driver’s license

All renters and additional drivers must present a full driver’s license issued by any State or Territory of the United States. Temporary licenses issued by MVA (DMV) are accepted if accompanied by the old expired or damaged license. Provisional/probationary licenses, learner’s permits, and citations issued by law enforcement agencies as a temporary license are not accepted.

Driver’s age

All renters and additional drivers must be at least 21 years of age. However, the “Young driver” fee of $9.95 per day will apply for drivers under 25 years of age.

Additional drivers

Renter’s family members listed as drivers on renter’s auto policy and residing in the same household may be added as additional drivers free of charge. All others wishing to be added as additional drivers must meet our requirements to driver’s license, insurance, and payment cards accepted the same way as primary renters. An additional driver fee of $9.95 per day will be applied for each additional driver.

Insurance requirements

To qualify for published base rates renters and additional drivers must provide verifiable proof of liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage.  We do not accept MAIF (Maryland Auto) policies. Liability policy will not cover any damages to, loss of, or theft of the rental vehicle. You are encouraged to verify if rental car protection is afforded to you by your credit card company.

Renter’s contingent liability insurance (RCLI), Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI), Damage insurance (DI) and Personal Accident Insurance (PEI) can be arranged with a third party provider. Please note that all driver’s license requirements and debit card policy stipulations outlined in these Rental Policies remain in effect. Also, customers may be required to provide additional information such as flight itinerary coinciding with the rental dates or a recent pay stub for local drivers.


Payment methods and debit card policy

All renters and additional drivers are required to use a major credit or a bank issued debit card to secure their rental contracts. However, customers using bank issued debit cards may be required to provide additional information such as flight itinerary coinciding with the rental dates. Name on the card must match the name on the renter’s driver’s license.

NOT ACCEPTED: Cash, secured credit cards (Chime, Self, etc), prepaid cards, online bank cards (Cash App, Chime, Green Dot, Netspend, etc) payroll cards, gift cards. Please don’t hesitate to email or call us if you have any questions.


When booking your vehicle online you reserve a vehicle of a certain class. Due to the nature of this business, we are not able to fulfill requests for a particular make and model or color of the vehicle. And if for any reason we’re not able to provide you with a vehicle of the category you picked you will be offered a larger vehicle or vehicle of greater value at no extra cost. Your reservation will be canceled if you fail to pick up your vehicle within 2 hours of the time specified in your reservation details. It’s always free to cancel your reservation. If there’s a change of plans please do so by using our website. We do not honor reservations made using aliases. Reservations made on behalf of another person will be automatically canceled at the counter. In the best interest of the business, we reserve our right to refuse service to any person (suspected of being under influence of drugs or alcohol, providing fraudulent or misleading information, have a history of failing to return a rental vehicle, smoking in a vehicle, etc).

Security deposit

On pickup, in addition to the estimated rental charges, we will put a hold on your credit card in the amount of $150.00 which is often being referred to as a security deposit. The security deposit may be used to cover any additional charges you may incur or any amounts due to us under the rental contract. The entire or the remaining amount of the security deposit will be released to you within 48 hours after the return of the rental vehicle. Being subject to the terms and conditions of your card issuing institution funds may not be immediately available to you.

Fuel policy

At the time of rental уour vehicle will have a full tank of gas so we will expect you to return it full as this will help you to avoid the Refueling charge which currently is $6.95 per each gallon of missing fuel. By the way, we round down the fuel gauge reading to the nearest 1/8 of the tank. Alternatively, you can prepay your fuel expense by purchasing the “Prepaid Fuel” option and return your vehicle with little or no fuel at all. However, no refunds or credits will be issued for any unused fuel. Prepaid fuel can be purchased anytime before or during the rental. One more thing. The cost of “Prepaid Fuel” is an estimate based on current prices of regular unleaded gasoline at local gas stations and an average size of a fuel tank of vehicles offered in the same category. The actual charge will be based on the particular make and model of the vehicle rented so it may be higher or lower than the original estimate.

No smoking policy

Smoking is absolutely prohibited in all our vehicles. We do enforce this policy and if any evidence of smoking is discovered by members of our staff the Cleaning Fee of up to $250 will be applied. Smoke odor, ashes, and other residue found anywhere in the vehicle, as well as the excessive presence of odor eliminating sprays, chemicals, and air fresheners, will be considered as evidence of smoking in the vehicle. In this case, the interior of the vehicle must undergo full detailing which will make the vehicle unavailable for rental. Please respect this policy and make all your passengers aware of it.


We routinely clean our vehicles upon every return and therefore light vacuuming, windows cleaning, quick wiping, and refreshing are always expected. However, sometimes things like food debris, spilled drinks may require extensive cleaning which will result in a Cleaning fee of up to $250. Please be considerate when bringing your pets along. We strongly recommend protecting seats, door panels, and floor if your pet is traveling outside its cage.

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